Patricia Wentworth — Her Life and Books

Here’s a bit about the life of Patricia Wentworth, along with the best deals to be found on her mystery books.

About Patricia Wentworth

Patricia Wentworth was born Dora Amy Elles in India, where her father was a general, in 1877. She started writing late in life, after spending many years as a wife and mother. Widowed in 1906, she published her first book in 1910. She remarried in 1920, and her most famous sleuth, Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess turned detective, first appeared in 1928.

Books by Patricia Wentworth

Patricia Wentworth wrote 32 Miss Maud Silver whodunits, as well as another 34 books.

Mystery author Caron Allan is a big fan of Wentworth’s work. She writes:

The strengths of the books lie in the portrayal of the era, and in the way many of the characters are forced to find their way through unfamiliar and difficult circumstances. They are not all wealthy, they are not all high-born, artistic, celebrities or otherwise fortunate. The mysteries are pleasing, often very clever, and the reader can detect along with the protagonist. The writing is intelligent, clear, and lacking in long flowery descriptions, which I personally detest.

I recommend them for readers who love a traditional mystery without body parts being lopped off, or strong language, or who prefer romance without sex scenes, or who like something with a strong sense of morality and a satisfying mystery. more

Caron Allan also shares a great collection of Patricia Wentworth books’ cover art on Pinterest.

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Miss Maud Silver Books, in Order

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  1. Grey Mask (1928) — Borrow (pdf only). — Buy.
  2. The Case Is Closed (1937) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  3. Lonesome Road (1939) — Buy.
  4. Danger Point / In the Balance (U.S.) (1941) — Buy.
  5. The Chinese Shawl (1943) — Borrow.Buy.
  6. Miss Silver Intervenes / Miss Silver Deals with Death (U.S.) (1943) — Borrow.Buy.
  7. The Clock Strikes Twelve (1944) — Borrow.Buy.
  8. The Key (1944) — Buy.
  9. The Traveller Returns / She Came Back (U.S.) (1945) — Borrow.Deal! $2.30 on Kindle!
  10. Pilgrim’s Rest / Dark Threat (1946) — Borrow.Buy.
  11. Latter End (1947) — Borrow.Buy.
  12. Spotlight / Wicked Uncle (U.S.) (1947) — Buy.
  13. The Case of William Smith (1948) — Buy.
  14. Eternity Ring (1948) — Borrow.Buy.
  15. The Catherine Wheel (1949) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  16. Miss Silver Comes to Stay (1949) — Borrow.Buy.
  17. The Brading Collection / Mr. Brading’s Collection (1950) — Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  18. The Ivory Dagger (1951) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  19. Through the Wall (1950) — Borrow.Buy.
  20. Anna, Where Are You? / Death At the Deep End (1951) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  21. The Watersplash (1951) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  22. Ladies’ Bane (1952) — Borrow.Buy.
  23. Out of the Past (1953) — Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  24. Vanishing Point (1953) — Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  25. The Benevent Treasure (1953) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  26. The Silent Pool (1954) — Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  27. The Gazebo /The Summerhouse (1955) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  28. The Listening Eye (1955) — Buy.
  29. Poison in the Pen (1955) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!
  30. The Fingerprint (1956) — Borrow.Buy.
  31. The Alington Inheritance (1958) — Borrow.Buy.
  32. The Girl in the Cellar (1961) — Borrow.Deal! 99 cents on Kindle!

Deals on Other Books by Patricia Wentworth

  1. Outrageous FortuneBorrow.99 cents on Kindle!
  2. The Black Cabinet99 cents on Kindle!
  3. Nothing Venture99 cents on Kindle!
  4. Silence in Court99 cents on Kindle!
  5. Run99 cents on Kindle!
  6. The ColdstoneBorrow.99 cents on Kindle!
  7. Blindfold99 cents on Kindle!
  8. Who Pays the Piper?99 cents on Kindle!
  9. Dead or Alive99 cents on Kindle!
  10. Down Under99 cents on Kindle!
  11. Weekend with Death99 cents on Kindle!
  12. Danger Calling99 cents on Kindle!